Thursday, April 28, 2011

My new drawing class worked.

I taught my new curriculum last weekend. I was higher than a kite for days afterwards. It worked even better than I hoped. Here's one student's feedback.

Thanks, Barbara, for sending me your response to the drawing intensive. I appreciate you.

Hi, Kitty--
I went to Hipbone today for the first time in a few years. ... Compared to what I was doing at Hipbone the last time, today's drawings are leaps and bounds better than those. It's all due to that workshop, Kitty. For the first time I liked my gestural drawings, and the foreshortened long pose actually got some good words from Jeff. For the first time I covered the paper with the drawing instead of sight-sizing the model onto the paper--I knew how to do it!! It was FUN, I was excited, and I like what I came home with. There is still, of course, a long way to go but your workshop vaulted me over into the high-speed lane and learning should go on as long as I work with the lessons you taught me. Many many thanks--again--for your patience, your knowledge, and your dedication to passing on what you learned so long ago. We are all so grateful to you!