Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Pastel on Sandpaper with an underpainting of wet pigment. 36"x28" Ala Prima, done in 95 minutes with an audience and while making comments.

My favorite portrait to date. Everything worked. Jack was a perfect model. Have you, when doing a portrait, had the sense of interference on a vibe level, coming from the model. I believe some models are compelled to attempt to control the process, although I don't think it's a conscious impulse. Sometimes I feel it so strongly that I can hardly see the model. Jack was the exception that proved this is true. I was relaxed and free while I painted him. I learned to identify this interference and, I hope, to be able to deal with it with more awareness when next I encounter it.


  1. One of my favorite portraits of all time too. Of course, I may be saying that because I know him---but I think even if I didn't I would think--wow, what a handsome man...a sea captain. You captured his sureness.

  2. This portrait is remarkable. There is no interference here; the vibe is nothing but inviting and direct.

    I'm very glad to see another post from you. It's good for all of us. Your work is so amazing it makes me want to give up and, at the same time, never stop trying.

  3. I just love this painting. I was in the audience watching it unfold - every brush stroke, then the layering of pastel. I have lots of photos but I was sorry I didn't make a video. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. Spectacular! Also one of my favorites of your portraits and the size makes Jack a huge presence in the room. I think I can see him about to make a wise crack about something, or tell us something deep from his wealth of knowledge about art history. Beautiful painting!

  5. Thank you for sharing
    This fabulous work with us
    Good creations

  6. I'm a color lover...and I love this!

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