Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CPAP success

At the sleep center last night, although I didn't sleep much, 3 hours, the doc pronounced me well wedded to the machine and all signs are go. Who can sleep in a doctors office? Even if it is disguised to look like a motel room.

Back to the easel.


  1. Disguised as a motel room? Yeah, right. The Shady Rest Motel.

    Good job. Paint 'til you're tired, and then take a nap.

  2. That's got to be trippy. Glad you were able to use the CPAP machine though, that's really good.

  3. fyi-my husband uses a machine at night for apnea and he found that the face mask left an uncomfortable dent on his nose-If you happen to note this too, they sell silicone scar pads (Moderma) at the store and he now cuts a half piece and puts it over the spot on his nose (under the mask)-this solved the problem--not much to do with art, but my OT skills come in handy at times--I love the machine-it is so quiet and now so his my husband!!!

  4. Thanks RR,
    I'll remember that. I had a worry about developing chafing around or under the mask. This helps.