Thursday, May 1, 2014

                                  Getting Loose! 

A new, intense workshop series by Kitty Wallis on alternate weekends beginning June 14th and 15th.
Choose any of the 6 weekends or attend the whole series. These workshops take place in my studio and are limited in size to 4-6 students so reserve your place today.

Please take a look at the linked document for a full description and schedule of my new workshop series. These workshops are all designed to guide you into expressive, energy filled work. I believe getting loose is not about abandoning the quality of detail in your work. It is about letting go and harnessing your talents and your confidence while gaining a relaxed focus that allows you to trust your stroke. I will give you fundamental tools that will help you grow for a lifetime.

Have a conflict with one of these dates? Not a problem. Just get together with 3-5 of your friends and schedule your own private workshop for the same price. Call me to make arrangements.


  1. What is happening with your pastel paper? It is unavailable right now on any of the websites. Are you still making it and when will it be available. It is the only paper I've used for years. Thank you, Pamela Fox

  2. I use it also. When will it be available. ASAP!!!

    Thanks Joan Pace-DeMotte

  3. Hi Kitty,
    so many artists are missing your Wallis paper so terribly. If you are not planning to make anymore, could you give us some advice on how to make our own? Of course I'd rather have your paper, but given the lack of supply, I need an alternative with a similar richness of possibility. I am certain I am not alone!