Sunday, June 19, 2011

Portrait demos at IAPS

We attend the International Assoc of Pastel Artists trade show every other year. It was in Albuquerque 6/2-6/5 2011. I look forward to it. We set up a booth and I do Portrait demos to show the artists how I handle my underpainting and pastel technique on my Wallis paper.

I like to do 1 hour portraits of those artists attending who are willing to spare the time.
The first one is Dawn. The next one, showing the underpainting and the finished portrait, is Connie.

I wish I knew how to do a layout on this blog post thingamajig. I would have put the underpainting before the finished piece. But it's what it is.

I have a few more I'll post later.


  1. Don't worry about the layout.
    You put life into a portrait.
    Can't beat that!

  2. Thanks Sam, I gotta agree with you.

  3. great is good to see that underpainting (even if it is "out of order") I love the expressions on both paintings

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